Digital Wellness Lab: Mental Health Month Webinar, May 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Katy Giffault
Hi Tiffany -- katy here from Mystic LOVE the jazz band idea!!
Kristelle Lavallee
Welcome all! Please feel free to use the Q&A feature to ask questions throughout the webinar. There will be a formal Q&A time towards the end of the session.
Katy Giffault
What are signals parents should be on the look out for as their kids transition back to face to face schooling where they might be having issues re-connecting?
Kristelle Lavallee
The findings from Digital Wellness Lab’s pulse survey can be found here: https://digitalwellnesslab.org/research/pulsesurvey/
Kristelle Lavallee
10 more minutes and then we should solicit additional questions :)
Kristelle Lavallee
E-mailed question: What is the role of empathy in wellness and how understanding un-well-ness as a "survival mechanism" rather than a diagnosable issue?
Kristelle Lavallee
Q: What resources can you recommend for families looking to better balance tech in their lives, especially this summer into going back to school.
Kristelle Lavallee
The Family Digital Wellness Guide can be found here: https://digitalwellnesslab.org/parents/family-digital-wellness-guide/
Kristelle Lavallee
E-mailed Q: Are there any specific activities for teens who became serious gamers during the pandemic to hang with their friends? How do I get the teens to hang outside?
Kristelle Lavallee
For anyone who has additional Q’s, please email: dwl@childrens.harvard.edu
Jennifer Harris
if we impose our own limits on our kids' non-productive screentime (i.e. youtube), does this keep them from developing their own self-regulation skills? how do we help them develop these skills?
Kristelle Lavallee
Thank you all for attending today’s webinar! For additional information and resources, please visit the Digital Wellness Lab online at: https://digitalwellnesslab.org/
Kristelle Lavallee
Thank you to our expert panelists and moderator as well!
Marisa Nightingale
Excellent insights-thank you!