Food Insecurity: Strategies to Support Families - Shared screen with speaker view
Jessica Clement
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Alicia High
Gemima St. Louis
Good morning: Thank you for hosting this important conversation! Will you share copies of the PowerPoint presentations with attendees? Thank you.
Jessica Clement
Hi Gemima! Yes. All the slides will be shared in a follow up email- later on this week.
Jessica Clement
If you have a question for any of our panelists- please type it into the Q&A box. Thank you all for joining us!
Gemima St. Louis
Thank you!
Shauna Dresel
Such exciting and important work! Thank you for sharing, Stacy. I can only imagine the amount of time and energy that is being put into this. I know our patients and families will be so grateful!
Shauna Dresel
It is enlightening to hear how you incorporate additional education and resources, and avoid taking a linear approach. Thank you for sharing, Sharon!
Patricia Baker
TY so much. Great presentation. Need to hop off for 10:45 PM call, but really admire this critical work. Pat
Rita Lara
Fair Foods is one of the very few sources of fresh Fruits and vegetables in East Boston. The rest has been shelf stable. And the USDA boxes were very meat and dairy heavy due to those lobbies. We are the East Boston Fair Foods distributor. This is an important fresh food sources with 250K lbs distributed per month (3 Million lbs per year). Our East Boston distribution represents 20 percent of this distribution. Unfortunately under the lifted emergency regulation, state health policies now make it difficult to distribute this food on the ground as most CBOs don't have walk in refrigeration which is really not needed since this food goes from source to consumer in less than 8 hours. These policies need to be revisited and pandemic extensions are needed.
Mary Bovenzi
I really appreciate these updates on your work and conversation. Thanks, BCH team! :)
Alicia High
Well said Sharon!!!
Sharon Callender
Thank You Alicia
Ayesha Cammaerts
Thank you to great panelists for an excellent presentation and to Office of Community Health for supporting these important partnerships to support families.
Alicia High
Thank you!